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Oscar Pool Page

Posted by Andrea

I made an Oscar Pool Page and let me assure you that there has never been a more unbelievably amazing Oscar Pool Page than this. So go and vote here because all the cool kids are doing it. If you want you can leave a message with your picks, where everyone can read them, and judge you. Or not...if you are to scared.

And just for your information...here are my (Andrea's) picks:
Best Picture: The Queen
Best Director: Paul Greengrass for United 93
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland
Best Actress: Helen Mirren in The Queen
Best Supporting Actor: Djimon Hounsou in Blood Diamond (even though that movie SUCKS)
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls
Best Original Screenplay: Little Miss Sunshine
Best Adapted Screenplay: Children of Men
Cinematography: Pan's Labyrinth (even though I haven't seen it.)
Posted by Jessie

I like this idea. Here is my list of things I have learned about men and relationships..you know in all of my 21 years of living.

1. Men like to feel needed.
2. Men hate when you are needy (there is a fine line).
3. It's better to just tell them what you want instead of expecting them to know.
4. There is a difference between wanting to better yourself because of your man and
him trying to change things about you. Steer clear of those you try to change
5. It's great to have a smart man, it's great to have a handy man, it's even better to
have both. And yes, they do exist.
6. It's natural for men to look at pretty girls, just avoid the guys who look twice.
7. Men need reassurance just like women do.
8. Men love it when you will watch a football game with them and know what is going
9. Men who have never lived on their own are not ready for a serious relationship.
10. Any man who makes a special trip just to scrape the snow off your car before you
wake up is a keeper.
Posted by Andrea.

Heather, who writes the blog This Fish posted a list on her website entitled '10 Things I Have Learned from Relationships with Men'. Interesting. I decided to write my own list. Everyone feel free to post your lists too.

10 Things I Have Learned from Relationships with Men...

1. HD TV actually does make a big difference
2. The importance of communication
3. That men do not take hints very well
4. How to apologize
5. Directness is important (still working on that one)
6. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable with someone
7. Absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder and 'taking a break' is never a good idea
8. That it is nice to be needed, and vice versa
9. How to, and the importance of, saving money (I mean, I get the general idea)
10. I'm a catch

Cabin Weekend O Fun!

Posted by Andrea.

This weekend we drove to Kamas for some cabiny-goodness. Lucky for us, E actually has a cabin and she lets us go there. Sometimes. All the important people where there, Roomie girls Andrea and Michelle (minus fashion-icon Jessie who was modeling in a fashion show), R1, R2, and R3, E, and Sarah.

Highlights of the weekend:
-Driving in the snow (rad)

-Eating pizza (rad)

-Playing Monkey Ball until 5 A.M. (rad)
-Orbulon (rad)
-Guitar Hero (rad for boys)
-Watching The Fog (not rad)

And with all of that excitement E still found time to read my entire Canon Camera Owners Manual. Rad!

Look at the neato camera trick she taught me...


Hooray for cabin weekend!

And here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure...



& R3


We love Sarah! And Sarah loves her Nintendog.


The End!


-posted by Michelle

I hate shopping for pants.

Several reasons. Reason A- I'm extremely picky. Because of this, when I purchase pants, it is usually a rather expensive event. Reason B- I'm extremely picky. Although usually not one to demand a lot of attention from shop employees, when looking for clothes, when faced with a wall of folded jeans with numbers and non descriptive names stickered on to the side, I'm pretty lost. Reason C- I'm EXTREMELY picky. I try on EVERYTHING, only to buy one pair, if any. I leave dressing rooms a complete mess of pants from every table in the store, leaving the associates a fun task to deal with once I leave.

These problems are never an issue for me when shopping for any other article of clothing. I usually come and go, avoiding excessive interaction with the store clerks, looking for the things I like, buying them, and leaving with them. I'm polite, unobtrusive, and independent...unless I'm on my semi-annual denim run. In which case I'm a needy sloppy picky monstrosity.

I went on Monday. I laid waste to that store.

My problem this time was that the last pair of jeans I bought were the most perfect pair of pants I've ever owned in my life. While I'm happy that pair came into my life, and am grateful for the time I had with those low rises, will I ever enjoy another pair again? How could any other pair ever compare? What if nothing ever comes close enough to make me happy?

Don't you just love the way core issues come out when all your clothes fall apart.

My Coldest Moment

-Posted by Jess

I realized the other day that I had hit the bottom when I tried to use a candle warmer to heat my hands.

Fall in Utah

Posted by Andrea

Fall in Utah is most definitely my favorite time of year. Everything about this season makes me feel all warm and sentimental-like. I start to sound like the Editors Note in a womans magazine like Good Housekeeping or Red Book. But I can't help it. I love this time of year. As the first traces of snow start to appear on the tips of the mountains, and the leaves start changing from happy shades of green into vibrant golds and reds, I can not help but be reminded of how much I love living in Utah. People start to line their doors with pumpkins, the University of Utah football season starts, and the air turns crisp.

It is hard to put a finger on exactly what it is that I love so much about this time of the year. Maybe it is that I am reminded of my childhood. For me, fall signifies going back to school. I remember nights spent at home, with the whole family convened in the kitchen; mom cooking, my sister and brothers and I studying around the table, dad helping one of us with our impossible math assignments, while a fire burned in the fireplace. Now that we are all much older, and have moved away from home, the time that we get to spend together is much more rare. But, no matter how far away you end up from your family and friends, this is the time of year that everyone heads back home.

Last year at this time Dave, Michelle, Jessie and I went to The Haunted Deseret at This Is The Place State Park. We all bundled up in our warmest winter gear to go drink hot apple cider, and listen to ghost stories told in old pioneer homes. Fog floated along the unpaved roads and the windows were lit by candles that flickered in the darkness. I remember that a witch told Michelle her fortune in an apple, and we were all genuinely freaked out when the headless horseman rode by. (Although I think he might have been on his dinner break seeing as how he seemed completely uninterested in us.)

I love this time of year. Love it. So everyone, be prepared for some extremely cheesy / sentimental posts by me over the next few months. I mean, just wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas to get here. Then I REALLY kick it up a notch. I take my Fall and Winter seasons very seriously. There WILL be parties, hosted by us. Because we are cool like that. And because my Halloween costume is going to be rad. And because there is no better time of year to get together with friends and family.

Happy Fall!

Logan Canyon.

18 and pantless

Posted by Jess

My stunning younger sister recently had her 18th birthday and she of course chose me to be her director 'o' fun for the all important day. We decided on a concert, sushi, and a sleepover at my lovely apartment. I always know that a weekend spent with my younger sister Christina, a.k.a nina a.k.a neener, is going to be full of laughs. Here are some of my favorite "neener" moments:

"If God comes down to detroy Las Vegas while we are here I'm totally demanding a refund"

" Jess, I ripped the crotch of my pants while crowd surfing. Two people pulled at once and it went rip and HELLO"

"I need more duct tape from the Planned Parenthood booth before I lose the entire pant leg"

"I tried to kiss you last night? Oh, oh yeah, I think I remember that a little."

"Wait, is that Orlando Bloom? It looks like Orlando Bloom... he even smokes like Orlando Bloom. I'm telling people I had breakfast with Orlando Bloom."

Christina, you are my favorite. Happy 18th Birthday.


Posted by Andrea

There is something...'not normal'...growing out of the drain in our tub. In fact, 'not normal' does not even begin to describe it. Whatever it is, it has made itself a nice little home in our lukewarm, 10-day-old bath water. It looks like a jellyfish, all gooey and transparent.

"How?!", I thought to myself, "does a jellyfish make it all they way to SLC from the ocean, up our water pipes, and into our bath tub?"

Ever the curious one, I decided to reach my bare hand into the water to give it a little poke. As my finger descended upon the creature, it actually moved away from me. I kid you not people. Little gooey tub monster was like, "Oh no you DIDN'T just stick your finger at me!"

So, for now, he is living in our tub undisturbed. Who knows how long it will take Mr. Landlord to make it over to fix the problem...weeks? months? years? It is as if little gooey tub monster, who I shall call Gus, picked the one apartment where he KNEW that there was little or no hope of our clogged tub EVER getting repaired.

Well played Gus. Well played.

And here is a picture that I drew to better demonstrate to you the situation...

Luci...yes...with an i

Posted by Jess

We have decided, Princess, that your name is no longer fitting. From now on we will call you Luci, short for Lucifer, because we are quite positive that you are the devil.